Bushmaster Adventures, Private Tours in Costa Rica

Don't know what to bring to Costa Rica?  Click Here for a Suggested Packing List!


Every tour we do is private so no big crowds...ever.  Seeing animals in their natural environment means that we need to go where the crowds are not so private tours allow you to do just this.  Below are some of the most popular areas we work in and have seen the most amazing animals.  


Each tour has a Physical Rating Chart so you can see if it is right for you.  Costa Rica is a very active place so make sure you check the chart before scheduling a tour or send us an e-mail so we can give you more details.

1 = Fairly flat, even terrain-people of all ages & physical fitness can do this
2 = Some uneven terrain and at least 1-2 hours of physical activity/walking
3 = A good level of fitness is required for you to enjoy the hikes into & out of beautiful areas of CR
4 = You will get a great workout with several hours of physical activity
5 = Only those that exercise daily and can endure 5+ hours should schedule these activities 



The Osa Peninsula is one of the wildest places in Costa Rica and is surrounded by miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most bio-diverse and bio-dense areas in the country.  The area is quite remote and so many resorts have their own tours from their location so many times you'll have a set schedule with large groups.  If you are looking for one-on-one tours where you get to see the animals up close & personal then contact us for special pricing.


The best way to see Costa Rica's wildlife is to get out there and walk!  Whether it is an early morning tour to catch the animals at their most active, a mid-day tour to see the best views & photos or a nocturnal tour to see those animals not visible during the day...we will take you there!  There are many places to visit all throughout Costa Rica so we will help you figure out which is the right place for you!


The Monteverde Cloud Forest is a unique micro climate in the higher elevations of Costa Rica. Monteverde used to be hard to get to so it was only for the very adventurous but now the roads have improved and it's easier to add into your itinerary. It's a bird lover's paradise with unique birds like the Resplendent Quetzel, Bell Bird & Emerald Toucanet (shown left) and hummingbirds galore.  


Manuel Antonio National Park is a great place to see animals but it's ALWAYS crowded...always more people than animals!  We take you out of the main tourist area and show you where the animals are in their own quiet habitats and happy to be there! Dominical and Uvita are perfect places to see wildlife via Kayak, boat or hiking through the jungles that come right down to the beautiful beaches.  See some our favorite places to see Costa Rica's beautiful animals.


If you are into Herping, then you know that Costa Rica is one of the most bio-rich country for reptiles & amphibians in the world.  Your private guide is certified in handling snakes such as Fer de Lances, Coral Snakes, Black Mambas, Spitting Cobras and Puff Adders. You will be in good hands with Gary due to his years of experience and knowledge of these amazing creatures.  His tours show his passion for working with these animals and in the importance of conserving their natural habitats.