Many mammals in this area are nocturnal so to see them, a Night Hike is a must! Most of the National Parks are closed at night so your guide will take you to the best accessible place after dark. Walking in the jungle at night gives you a completely different perspective than in the day time and unlocks the unique treasures hidden in the forest.  Night walks allow you the opportunity to see snakes, glass frogs, bats, and many types of insects almost invisible during the day due to their camouflage.  Night walks are what we do best and this will definitely become one of your most unforgettable activities in Monteverde. 


6:00 pm

PRICE$85/per person, 2 person minimum
Park entrance fee: $13/per person
TOUR INCLUDES Bilingual naturalist guide, spotting scope, flashlight


Transport is not included. Meet your guide at the designated park entrance. If you need transportation, that can be arranged at an additional price.

WHAT TO BRINGBinoculars, camera, poncho, insect repellent, copy (or picture) of passport/ID, headlamp if you have one
WHAT TO WEARHiking shoes or sneakers, long pants suggested, jacket