Bushmaster Adventures, Private Tours in Costa Rica


Gary Kritzinger is from South Africa where he grew up around beautiful animals such as Springbok, Zebras, Cheetahs, Lions & Elephants.  After visiting Costa Rica just once, his admiration for animals made him fall in love with the abundance of wildlife and so decided to make Costa Rica his new home.  Bushmaster Adventures was born out of his love and respect for nature & the all-important animals that inhabit this beautiful place!

Certified in Handling Snakes

Gary Kritzinger is certified in handling venomous snakes and does herpetology tours along with other tours to see these beautiful animals in their natural environment.  He also provides a snake removal service from buildings & homes in the town where he lives (La Fortuna area).

​​​​Gary has been involved in animal conservation & animal rescue in South Africa as well as here in Costa Rica.  He even started his own Red-Eyed Tree Frog Re-Population Project in the Osa Penninsula and has started one in the Arenal area.  

Bushmaster Adventures' Tours focus on the most bio-dense and bio-diverse places here in Costa Rica.  Gary tailors each and every tour to your specific needs, interests & activity levels. He has rescued and released many snakes from neighbors homes where they were not "welcome".  In doing so he's educated many people about these often misunderstood creatures and why to preserve them as they've been taught the opposite in the past.  All creatures have a function in this world and Gary feels it's his purpose to educate, conserve and give-back wherever possible.

"Join us on this adventure of a lifetime and immerse yourself in the jungle and all its wonder with Bushmaster Adventures." Gary Kritzinger

"I chose Costa Rica specifically as it is well known for being one of the best places in the world to find a wide variety of animals such as snakes, birds, mammals, amphibians & insects. As a child, I always wanted to experience the jungle first hand and Costa Rica is the perfect place for it."

"I felt so safe walking through the jungle with Gary.  He always made sure I was okay, needed to rest or have a drink of water.  I've never come across a guide so concerned about my personal safety."