Bushmaster Adventures, Private Tours in Costa Rica



TOUR DURATION:   Approximately 2.5 hours

PHYSICAL RATING:  2 -3  Walking on well cleared pathways; terrain can be slightly muddy at times

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  Private guide.

TRANSPORTATION:  Meet your guide at designated herping spot or let us know if you need transportation and we will send you prices.

​WHAT TO BRING:  Camera, flashlight, bug spray, water, rain poncho.

WHAT TO WEAR: Closed toed shoes or boots (rubber boots are recommended as this allows walking in shallow creek waters, they also have excellent grip)--open type sandals not allowed for this tour.


Since most reptiles and amphibians are nocturnal, walking the forest at night has far better results than during the day. It is not uncommon to see several different species of snakes on a single night tour. Glass Frogs, Tree Frogs, Poison Dart Frogs and Toads are common. Other amphibians such as Salamanders and Caecilians are also encountered. The forests around Costa Rica also yield some very interesting insects and arachnids, many of which are any entomologist's dream. We have come to know all the "herping hot spots" in the various areas well and will be your expert private guide through these high-density zones. All year round there will be a chance to see various common species. There is no "bad time of year" to herp in Costa Rica! If you have a specialized target species, contact us and we will give you info about when the best time is, best area to encounter and more!